Utilize cutting edge technology to deliver best-in-class solutions that allow your district to gain additional revenue from your local businesses.


Your local businesses will be able to reach the community members within your district with little to no impact to your current website.  Your local businesses are already participating in these types of programs, and you have the opportunity to capture some of this sponsorship revenue.

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Imagine your are at home around New Years and you have decided that you will being running in the New Year, but don’t know where to begin.


You search for running shoes, read an article or two, and then visit Now as you are browsing the web for different things, you start to see ads everywhere you go!


You have been served advertising content from Nike based upon your browsing, search, and website visit history. Brands have identified you are most likely in the buying cycle, and thus are more apt to respond positively to their message.


On average, 97% of the visitors to your website will leave without taking any action at all.  You work hard to bring them in, what are you doing to bring them back?


Website retargeting allows you to identify visitors to your website, and then show your company message to them as they are browsing the web.  A piece of code called a 'cookie' is placed into their browser when they arrive to your website.  This cookie allows other websites to identify that they have visited your website, and then show your display ad in front of the visitors as they browse the web!


Example: You visit the website and then you start seeing display ads for Nike shoes.


Retargeted ad, according to comScore, leads to an 1046% increase in branded search.  Wouldn't it be great to show your company message to potential customers who are actively searching for businesses like yours?


We’ll build relevant and scalable targets that accurately reach your desired audience and that align you with your digital marketing strategies. We use demographic data, online user activity, business information, in-market research, past-purchase behavior, and lookalike modeling data to find the right audience for you.


Example: We can reach an audience who are males, 30-45, have an income of over $50k, and that have shown or are showing shoe purchasing behaviors.


When consumers see advertisements based on subject they are already interested in, some brands see as high as a 70% increase in conversion rates.


Contextual targeting ensures each company advertisement being shown is selected based upon the content that a user is currently viewing.  This ensures that a website is only showing the most relevant content to the users, thus raising conversion rates for the advertisers.


Example: You are reading about the top 10 running shoes for beginners, and then begin to see advertisements for Nike running shoes.


70% of consumers are willing to share their geographic location in exchange for something of perceived value.

Campaigns with relation to geography have CTR%’s 2x higher than industry averages according to the Local Search Association.  This means consumers are willing to share their location for deals, and that businesses that utilize this location data will see better results.


You can define your geographic region and ensure your company message only shows to users within that area.  This area could be as large as the entire United States, or as small as 10 miles around your office.  Every business has different geographic targeting, and we are here to help!


Example: You live within 30 miles of a Nike store, and that store to show your advertisements based upon your close proximity.


72% of brand communicators feel that geo fencing can be beneficial for their businesses, and 52% of consumers are willing to sign up for location based communications that produce deals and offers.


Geo-Fencing allows you to draw an invisible ‘fence’ around a particular location to earn the ability to place messaging in front of consumers who walk within the ‘fence’.  This means you can identify customers based upon where they physically go, and then put your company message in front of them as the browse the web.


Example: Nike could ‘fence’ a marathon, to identify mobile devices that enter the marathon area, and begin to show their advertisements to mobile devices that entered the ‘fence’.

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