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JSJD Media, LLC is a digital media sponsorship procurement company, and we love what we do.  It is who we are.  We love having a place where life, work, and inspiration come together naturally.  Our goal is to create unique revenue generation solutions that are visually stunning, conceptually interesting, and provide our clients with a high level of success.  JSJD Media, LLC operates Association Revenue Partners and School Revenue Partners.  We are focused on delivering digital sponsorship revenue generation solutions to specialty trade associations and school districts nationwide.  Utilizing cutting edge technology, we enable brands, manufactures, service-based  and local businesses to reach their targeted audiences and gain new customers.

Association Revenue Partners provides professional trade associations with a way to monetize the member communication channels they already have in place, without the need of hiring a full time sales staff. We generate revenue for your association by finding sponsors specific to your industry for your association website, e-newsletter, and print publications.

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Across the country, funding for schools is decreasing drastically. Most districts are facing possible cuts in personnel, programs and more. There is a way for your district to provide an added benefit to the families in your district while adding much needed revenue for new or existing programs.


School Revenue Partners provides school districts sponsorship revenue generated from local businesses who want to sponsor weekly e-newsletters, websites, mobile apps, and other communication channels utilized by the members of your community.

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Programmatic Advertising

Utilize cutting edge technology to deliver best-in-class solutions that allow your association  to gain additional revenue from your business community.


Your vendor community will be able to reach the members of your association with little to no impact to your current website. Your industry businesses are already participating in these types of programs, and you have the opportunity to capture some of this sponsorship revenue.

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